Divisions of the Normandy landings

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Divisions of the Normandy landings


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The division is the mainstay of any modern army in the field. Benoît Rondeau revisits the Battle of Normandy through the story of fifty of the most representative units. Some, like the « Big Red One » or the « Panzer Lehr », have passed into legend, and others, less well-known, deserve to be highlighted. Based on solid and accurate documentation, Benoît Rondeau describes the actions of the major formations in a smooth, well documented style. The main characteristics of the units, their major operations during the Battle of Normandy, as well as details of their dress with illustrations of models in period uniform, provide the reader with a wealth of information. Benoît Rondeau offers us a new perspective on a battle on which one might have thought that everything had already been written.

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