Frank Sinatra has a cold

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photographs Phil Stern | conceived by Lawrence Schiller | edited by Nina Wiener | art direction by Josh Baker | traduction française Bernard Cohen

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Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back

Gay Talese's New Journalism triumph, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

In the winter of 1965, writer Gay Talese set out for Los Angeles with an assignment from Esquire to write a major profile on Frank Sinatra. When he arrived, he found the singer and his vigilant entourage on the defensive : Sinatra was under the weather, not available, and not willing to be interviewed.

Undeterred, Talese stayed, believing Sinatra might recover and reconsider, and used the meantime to observe the star and interview his friends, associates, family members, and hangerson. Sinatra never did grant the one-on-one, but Talese's tenacity paid off : his profile Frank Sinatra Has a Cold went down in history as a tour de force of literary nonfiction and the advent of the New Journalism.

In this illustrated edition, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold is published with an introduction by Talese, reproductions of his manuscript pages, and correspondence. Interwoven are photographs from the legendary lens of Phil Stern, the only photographer granted access to Sinatra over four decades, as well as from top photojournalists of the '60s, including John Bryson, John Dominis, and Terry O'Neill. The photographs complement Talese's character study, painting an incisive portrait of Sinatra in the recording- studio, on location, out on the town, and with the eponymous cold, which reveals as much about a singular star persona as it does about the Hollywood machine.
Ce reportage sur Frank Sinatra réalisé au cours de l'hiver 1965-1966 pour le magazine "Esquire" marque la naissance du nouveau journalisme. Une plongée dans l'univers du crooner acteur, rédigée à partir d'entretiens avec son entourage, croisant les exigences du documentaire et les techniques de la fiction. Le livret contient la traduction française. ©Electre 2021
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