Street art today : the 50 most influential street artists today

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Street art today : the 50 most influential street artists today

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Serie : Street art today : les 50 artistes actuels les plus influents

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Street art / today

The 50 most influential street artist today

Street art / today offers a topical and contemporary overview of the most influential street artists and their work. The authors compiled this who's who of contemporary street art in collaboration with a range of artists. They take a close look at names such as Alexis Diaz, Ella & Pitr, JR, Faith47, Mobstr and SpY. Exclusive interviews, illuminating essays and a foreword by Martyn Reed make this book a must-read for anyone, experts or amateurs, interested in this increasingly popular art scene.

'Street art / today is a taste of things past, a showcase of things present and a hint of things to come.'


Bjørn Van Poucke is the founder and curator of The Crystal Ship, a contemporary art festival that specializes in public space and represents a select group of visual artists worldwide.

Elise Luong worked for many years in the Urban Art gallery scene of Berlin and later opened Montreal's first state-funded graffiti and street art centre. Now based in Brussels, she represents visual artists, performers and designers.