The Abbaye of Cluny : Burgundy

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The Abbaye of Cluny


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Founded in the 10th century, the Abbey of Cluny was a highly influential spiritual capital during the Middle Ages. Its role as peacemaker of the feudal world, which contributed to the founding of European culture, earned the site the very first « European Heritage » label in 2007, renewed in 2015. The abbots of Cluny included great figures of the period, such as Hugh of Semur and Peter the Venerable. Although the abbey was largely demolished during the French Revolution, its ruins - still standing or discovered during archaeological excavations - reveal its past splendour and vastness. Surrounded by a monastic town, its site contains several medieval structures, an ensemble of Romanesque sculptures that is unique in Europe, and the rich vestiges of the following centuries.

The « Itineraries » series, designed as a guide for cultural tourism, invites the visitor to discover the highroads and byways of France's national heritage.

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