Writing drama : a comprehensive guide for playwrights and scripwriters

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Writing drama

a comprehensive guide for playwrights and scripwriters


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"There are very few books in France that teach the art of scriptwriting... Aside from Aristotle's Poetics, only one book matches the English speaking literature on the subject: Writing Drama by Yves Lavandier." - Jacques Audiard

"Writing Drama can be of use to all those-scriptwriters, authors, teachers, playwrights-who share Denis Diderot's opinion that plays with well written dialogue far outnumber plays that are well constructed." - Michel Azama

"American books put forth theorems; Yves Lavandier explores principles." - Martin Brossollet

"Even if I don't agree with everything Yves Lavandier says, I think that all producers should have a copy of Writing Drama on their bedside table." - Jean-Louis Livi

"The bible amongst bibles." - Michel Munz

"I felt like Monsieur Jourdain in Molière's The bourgeois gentleman: I've been speaking Lavandier all my life and didn't even know it!" - Danièle Thompson

"Yves Lavandier's book is the most thorough and challenging work of its kind in France since the birth of scriptwriting. It is an obvious must for all professionals. But there's more: behind this scrupulous pursuit of quality and construction lies an awesome love of cinema and dramatic narrative in general." - Francis Veber


Yves Lavandier was born in 1959. After taking a degree in civil engineering, he studied film at Columbia University, New York, under Frantisek Daniel, Stefan Sharff and Milos Forman. He has worked on a number of TV series and has written and directed puppet plays, several short films (including Mr. Brown?, The perverts and Le Scorpion) and a feature film, Yes, but..., released in April 2001. He is currently preparing his next feature: Culbuto. Yves Lavandier is married with four children.

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