Angénieux and cinéma

from light to image

chez Silvana Editoriale

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English translation from French Paul Metcalfe and Meaghan Toohey

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This work tells the incredible tale of Angénieux, a flower in the button-hole of French industry and a key name in world cinema for more than 80 years. The saga starts in 1935 with a man, Pierre Angénieux, the founder of the company that bears his name. Angénieux revolutionized optical calculation and displayed a peerless spirit of invention all through his life, making the plant in Saint'Héand a worldwide point of reference for cinema lenses. In recognition of its contribution to the world of cinema, the company has received three Academy Awards in Hollywood. Angénieux lenses even played their part in achieving the impossible, traveling on board Apollo 11 to make man's first steps on the Moon a worldwide shared experience on July 20, 1969.

A brand of the Thales group since 1993, Angénieux continues to place the best technological solutions at the service of filmmaking. This book is aimed at all lovers of the cinematographic image, including photographers, video makers, and cinematographers, as well as all those interested in discovering a truly outstanding industrial adventure.
Fondé en 1935, Angénieux est un fabricant d'objectifs photographiques et cinématographiques devenu une référence mondiale en matière d'optique. Cet ouvrage aborde l'histoire de la marque et les principes de conception optique inventés par Pierre Angénieux, décrit la technique de l'objectif et du zoom ainsi que leurs évolutions numériques puis offre le témoignage de très nombreux chefs opérateurs. ©Electre 2021
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