Mysteries and secrets of the human body

our unrecognised capacities
Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods. Volume 1


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The time has come to refine our perceptions of the invisible world, to become aware of our true nature and the multidimensional reality that we are part of. It is for this reason that certain knowledge is being published and shared today.

In this approach, the temple of Delphi maxim « Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods » can be seen from a new angle ; to know the invisible world, one must first know our own invisible world, that is our subtle bodies and their surprising capacities.

Have you already asked yourself if you would like to experience and penetrate these unknown realities ? Are you ready to take the risk to explore new dimensions that will open up your horizons and change your life ?

If this is the case, I invite you to discover your own capacities of extrasensory perception, as well as the internal systems that you may not already know exist.

With this book I propose to you a new vision and a deeper exploration of our potential, which has been revealed to me by teachers and spiritual guides with whom I have communicated for dozens of years...

Yann Lipnick is a geobiologist and bioenergetic practitioner who is passionate about sacred sites and exploring invisible worlds. His capacities of perception, refined through years of practice, have allowed him to define measuring methods that are accessible to the broader public. With immense pleasure he shares these methods and this knowledge, founded on experience and extensive verification in all different ways, during courses and training sessions in France and Europe.

For several years, Yann Lipnick has used these methods of perception to communicate with invisible beings that share our environment on the more subtle planes.

In this book, he reveals, a teaching that has been handed on to him gradually, that is absolutely unique on the composition of the human body and it's remarkable capacities. This advance in understanding the functioning of our potential, brings to light in our modern times, the knowledge deriving from different traditions. It helps us to go beyond our previous limits in respect and harmony and opens us to spiritual realities.
L'auteur propose une exploration approfondie de potentialités humaines ésotériques, révélées par les enseignants et guides spirituels avec lesquels il communique depuis une dizaine d’années. Il expose la composition des corps éthérés, les canaux de perceptions extrasensorielles ou encore l'activation des chakras et les points de régénération. ©Electre 2021
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