The story that is Saint-Tropez

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The story that is Saint-Tropez

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script Gilbert Buti, Laurent Pavlidis | colouring Christian Lerolle | translation Oliver Todd | foreword Jean-Pierre Tuveri

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The Story that is Saint-Tropez

« Pleasant little fishing harbor », « corsair city », « international seaside resort » ... these clichés ignore Saint-Tropez's past. Although dominated by affairs of the sea, the city's history is amazingly exciting.

Very early on, the people of Saint-Tropez turned to the nearby open spaces of the Mediterranean before ploughing their way across the ocean waves. Fishermen, coasters, corsairs, sailors, captains, traders and producers...they all left their mark on the history of the city. Alongside famous figures from Suffren to General Allard, how many anonymous Saint-Tropez residents contributed to their city's destiny ! The arrival of major personalities in the world of arts and letters, then the development of tourism and resort activities succeeded in turning the city's present-day history upside down. Yet the strong « identity » of people from Saint-Tropez remains anchored in a centuries-old history that is underlined by the dynamism of certain celebrations - like the « bravards » - and the vitality of various maritime gatherings.

A greater understanding of these little-known pages in the history of Saint-Tropez and its people has come to light through scientific works. It is to the people of Saint-Tropez, as well as those who come here and wonder « Did Saint-Tropez have a history before becoming Saint-Trop' ? » , that this book is offered as part of the rediscovered memory of this port with a worldwide destiny.
Gilbert Buti

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Du même auteur : Gilbert Buti

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